Where Does Resilience Come From?

When a family is affected by mental illness there is no doubt that everyone in the family is affected. Staying resilient in this situation is critical. But what is resilience and how do we stay resilient? A quick Google search tells us that resilience is 'the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties' and it's about 'toughness'. But recovering quickly when caring for someone with a mental illness is tricky because mental illness can be around for ages. And it can take us a while to understand and cope with mental illness. So how can we be resilient and recover quickly in this situation? We can be tough? But being tough can mean not reaching out for support, which is a problem because we

Easter Eggs and Drugs

Easter holidays, easter eggs, hot cross buns, sunshine and the winter months coming. Time for family, friends, gardening, the beach, a movie, a bush walk. Reading a good novel, sleeping in or catching up on that study (welcome to my world). How fortunate we are to be living in Australia. We have the choice to make our world big or small. We can either hone in on dark world events or remember what a wonderful world we live in! We can make our world smaller and smaller, focusing on drugs, worrying about drugs, worrying about our loved ones using drugs and affected by drugs. We have the choice as to whether to give drugs all of the power. All of our thoughts, all of our feelings and all of our

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