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Get busy getting back to feeling like You

One of the things about mental health, alcohol and other drug problems is that they become all consuming. Not just for the person who is mentally unwell or using substances but for the whole family. 'All consuming' for family members takes the shape of constantly thinking and talking about 'the problem'. It's as if our whole body, mind and soul has been taken over by someone else's depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, cannabis, methamphetamine, MDMA... And these mental health and drug issues get tangled up with their buddies called lies, theft and disrespectful behaviour. Unfortunately, this take over of our body, mind and soul can result in family members developing their own mental health problems (anxiety and depression) and, we can develop our own drug problem (drinking too much alcohol too often to escape from it all), and so the problem grows.

But it is possible to break this cycle by taking time to get back to feeling like 'the old You'. The You that used to feel happy most of the time. The You that could read and rest and sleep and enjoy the company of friends. But one of the hardest things for family members to do about 'the problem' is to start focusing on their own health and well-being. To motivate yourself it's important to remember that we are better able to care for others when we are in a healthy space. So I encourage everyone affected by this problem to pick up that old camera and get busy taking photos. Go to the library. Go for a swim. Go for a walk along the beach. Do whatever you need to do to feel happy. I give you permission to get busy getting back to being You. It's in the interests of the whole family.

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