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Changing Ones Identity

Changing one's name is a rather big step. At the very least, there is the multitude of official documents that need to change, drivers licence, Medicare card, passport, electoral role. And then are social media sites and Google and Netflix and Apple..... It's surprising how far and wide our name goes. Our name is out there, everywhere. There is also the matter of thinking about the name you want. And to consider why you want to change your name. Of course there are a multitude of reasons. For example, to make a fresh start with a different kind of future. To regain one's self, to make a space for one's self, to move far away from the kind of person one was once, to stop the judgements and views others have of us. In cases where mental health, alcohol and other drugs are involved then changing one's name can represent all of these things. I like to think about changing one's name as being a bit like nature. Trees shed old leaves and oceans wash away the past with every tide. People can choose to be whoever they want to be. It might be a bit confusing to others as they try to make sense of it and, it might be a bit of a muddle working through all the document changes required to form one's new identity. And it's not for everybody. But it can feel quite empowering taking ownership of ones self. By choosing your own name that does not belong to a parent or partner. A name that is chosen by you, that is just yours.


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