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Dr Georgia Hunt (she/her/hers) is the owner of Hunt Solutions (ABN: 59461789546) established in 2011.


Georgia is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (Reg. 200378). She holds a PhD, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor Arts (Humanities) and a Graduate Certificate in Research Methods. Her clinical practice includes mental health, domestic and family violence and abuse, growing family resilience and fostering compassionate care in healthcare. Georgia's research experience is in the area of consumer and family participation in public mental health services, domestic and family violence and growing compassion in healthcare to improve patient and family care, staff wellbeing and organisational culture. Georgia is trained in the Schwartz Centre, Compassionate Care in Healthcare and she is a Schwartz Rounds facilitator. 


As a parent, Georgia has lived experience of mental health, alcohol and other drug problems. To stay healthy she enjoys studying, gardening, movies, photography and walking her beagles. Stories posted on this site are based on Georgia's lived experience and clinical practice.


The colour orange on this website represents mental, emotional and physical health and well-being and, symbolises hope for the future, gathering emotional strength in difficult times and trusting your instincts.



Georgia is an author and has published in peer reviewed journals:


Hunt, G., Walsh, C., Elaine, Sally, Sheree, Anna, Tracy, Edel & Lou (2023) The Good Mothers. Coping with the Challenges of Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Family. Mater Misericordiae Limited.

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Ewais, T., Hunt, G., Munro, J., Pun, P., Hogan, C., Williams, L., Teodorczuk, A. (2022) "Schwartz Rounds for Staff in an Australian Tertiary Hospital: Protocol for a Pilot Uncontrolled Trial." JMIR

Hogan, C., Teodorczuk, A., Hunt, G., Pun, P., Munro, J., Ewais, T. (2021) "Schwartz rounds – An organizational intervention to overcome burnout in hospitals." Australasian Psychiatry.

Hunt, G. (2020) "Beyond policy: consumer and carer participation through the lens of public sector mental health managers." Dissertation-Thesis​​. University of Queensland.

Cleak, H., Hunt, G., Hardy, F., Davies, B., Bell. J. (2020) "Health Staff Responses to Domestic and Family Violence: The Case for Training to Build Confidence and Skills." Australian Social Work.

Needen, J., Boddy, J., Davies, B., Hunt, S. (2018) "Designing integrative learning on placement: A study of student experiences." Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education.

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