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Trauma Informed Care


Childhood Abuse including Institutional Abuse - Mental health, alcohol and other drug problems are often based on complex trauma such as childhood sexual, physical or emotional abuse. This trauma can be experienced within families or through institutions such as schools, churches, boys homes etc. Living with unresolved traumatic experiences can result in a person feeling overwhelming stress resulting in complex trauma.


Adults with a history of childhood trauma often stay silent and feel alone for many years. Childhood trauma impacts on their psychological and physical health and well-being and can affect relationships with family, friends and partners. Unresolved childhood trauma can also affect how a person parents their own children.


Through support and therapy longstanding complex trauma can be resolved and

survivors of abuse can go on to lead healthy lives. Hunt Solutions offers trauma

informed care for individuals and their family members affected by childhood or

adult trauma.


This service is offered by appointment that can be made by phone: 0434 622 260 or email:

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