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Family members are resilient when it comes to coping someone in the family living with a mental health, alcohol or other drug problem. But while they continue to support and nurture the person, they often don't recognise how stressed they have become and even if they do, they keep trying to 'fix' the problem, feeling increasingly alone. Eventually family members realise that what they have been doing isn't changing the situation and, that they have run out of ideas about what to do. So they start to search for support for their child thinking that if their child is 'OK' they will be 'OK'. Although there is some truth to this, what gets forgotten is that mental health, alcohol and other drug problems impact on everyone and, they are complex problems to overcome. Reaching out for support and learning new skills as a parent or grandparent improves whole of family health and well-being.


Family support, therapy and psycho-education is available for individuals, couples and other family members who are concerned about someone living with a mental health, alcohol or other drug problem. Services aim to strengthen and grow family resilience in a professional, supportive, non-judgemental environment. The Strength 2 Strength: Building Family Resilience group program includes: listening to your story, hearing from others in a similar situation, improving self-care, setting healthy limits, communicating with your child and navigating mental health services and systems.

Medicare rebates are available in certain circumstances.


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