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Family, domestic and sexual abuse - is not OK.


Family, domestic and sexual violence and abuse occurs too frequently, usually to women and children. Family violence and intimate partner violence is a choice and can lead to serious health and mental health issues and sometimes death.


Reaching out for support is so important as this is a complex problem that many people struggle with on their own, sometimes for years. Therapy and support is available to anyone who is experiencing family, domestic and sexual violence and abuse including couples and intimate partners. This strictly confidential service is offered in a safe, non-judgemental space and is available for people who are at any stage of their journey.

Counselling and support is also available for people who use violence and who are seeking new skills and strategies to change behaviour and focus on healthy relationship.


Appointments can be made by calling Georgia directly on 0434 622 260 or email 


Georgia is accredited in the Safe & Together Model that focuses on working with victim/survivors and perpetrators in domestic violence informed ways.

Ask about family, domestic and sexual violence services

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