Professional supervision provides a confidential, safe space for health professionals to strengthen and grow practice skills, gain support and problem solve about clinical, team or career matters. Supervision is also about quarantined time to reflect on practice, gain support, discuss career planning and establish a professional development plan.


Supervision is a self-care strategy for health professionals and the consumers and carer workforce employed in complex, busy practice settings. Supervision is about You for You.


Practice areas include:


.   Mental health, alcohol and other drugs

.   Family, domestic and sexual abuse

.   Corrections - prisons or community

.   Trauma (incl. adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their families)


.   Relationships

.   Homelessness and Housing


Services are available for:

.   Individuals, groups, organisations

Health professionals and the Consumer and Carer Workforce are encouraged to access supervision available either face to face, by Zoom or phone.

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