The Dirty Tricks of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and other drugs have many dirty tricks. They tell us that they can make us feel good. And of course they do. For a short time! It's what happens afterwards that is a problem. But in the moment, they definitely make us feel good. But so many dirty tricks...

Pretending that they can make us feel OK. Although I admit they never promise that it's forever. That's the sneakiness of them...

They can make us feel good, feel happy

Make time stand still

Make all of our problems and worries go away

Help us sleep and rest

Make Anxiety and Depression disappear

Help us think that we are loved or, at least liked by everyone around us

Make us think that new we doing OK

Making us think that are super cool

Make us want to hang out with them, more and more...

They want to be around us... every a trip to the bottle shop is needed, to buy a bottle or 2, to buy a carton...,

Such dirty tricks when so much else is going on...

the the budget, to ones' own health and wellbeing...

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