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Overcoming 'the Motley Crew'

Who are the 'the motley crew'? I'm referring to the trio of mental health, alcohol and other drugs who often hang out together. Understanding the motley crew can be tricky because they are similar and strong together. For example, illicit drugs can make us feel happy and allow us to escape from reality. Mental illness serves a purpose as one unknowingly escapes into other, sometimes better worlds. Alcohol offers relaxation and escape from the stressors of life, temporarily at least. So, what the motley trio has in common is that they offer us an altered state of reality and temporary relief from the stressors of life - whether that be from past trauma, present stressors or fear of the future. But one of the dirty tricks of the motley crew is that they also stress us out with negative side effects and eventually, we have to face life's realities. We slowly realise that our situation has become worse because of the motley crew. And we may want them to go away or shrink at least. But of course they are not likely to go anywhere without lots of encouragement. And like them, we need a support crew to strengthen our position. So, if we get ourselves organised, educate ourselves about the motley crew and learn about how they work in combination with each other - ganging up on us at times - then we can overcome them or at least live with them in healthier ways. One of the things that I have learnt is that knowledge is power and educating ourselves is truly empowering. So I encourage you to grow your support network and seek out reputable people that are the best fit for you to get the motley crew off your back.

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