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Drugs Love Us Keeping Secrets: But I'm Telling

Keeping secrets is a common theme in the alcohol and other drug space. The person in the family using substances for example keeps secrets... about who they are with, where they are going, what they are doing, what they took, what alcohol or other drugs they did or didn't use. Family members affected by these problems also keep secrets. About their child using substances, about how exhausted, frustrated and sad they feel about the situation they and their family is in. But do you know what? That's exactly what the alcohol and other drugs want. They want us to stay distressed, depressed, angry, secretive, tearful and alone. The drugs want this because it gives them more power and draws everyone back in to their world. Well I will not be drawn back into that rage! My plan is to reach out for as much support as I need, when I need it and to let those drugs just drift on by. To smell the scent of the candle and to stay as cool as an autumn day. And it might not be perfect but that way, my life and the life of those around me can be calm, gentle and peaceful...most of the time. And I believe we all need more of that.

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