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Easter Eggs and Drugs

Easter holidays, easter eggs, hot cross buns, sunshine and the winter months coming. Time for family, friends, gardening, the beach, a movie, a bush walk. Reading a good novel, sleeping in or catching up on that study (welcome to my world). How fortunate we are to be living in Australia.

We have the choice to make our world big or small. We can either hone in on dark world events or remember what a wonderful world we live in! We can make our world smaller and smaller, focusing on drugs, worrying about drugs, worrying about our loved ones using drugs and affected by drugs. We have the choice as to whether to give drugs all of the power. All of our thoughts, all of our feelings and all of our time. Or, we can let drugs go.

We can open up our minds and our world to all of the beautiful things around us and we can give our bodies a rest from thinking about drugs. Easter is a good time to do this. Actually anytime is a good time to put drugs aside. Setting limits to drugs is like setting limits to how many easter eggs we eat. Healthy limits are good for us. Let's look after ourselves so that we stay in a healthy space. This is good for us and good for people around us. Easter eggs and no drugs. I like it :-)

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