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Learning From Our Pets and Resting From Drugs

Our pets can be very helpful in reducing our stress. And they can teach us about self care as they model this for us every day. For example, my darling dog knows how to eat well (hounding us for food), how to exercise (hassling us for a walk), how to be playful and cheeky and she knows the importance of affection (smooching up to us for a snuggle and contact). And she knows that comfort, rest and sleep is critical to her well-being. Our darling girl snores away at all hours of the day or night. So whether you have a cat, a dog or a goldfish remember we can learn much from our pets who model good self care. And they love us unconditionally (even the goldfish :-) Taking notice of our pets and enjoying them is healthy. Let's do that and have a rest from thinking and talking about mental health, alcohol and other drug problems, even if it's just for a while.

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