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I Really Can't Take Any More, Although...

Have you ever felt as if you've reached your absolute limit? And I'm not even talking about mental health, alcohol and other drugs. Even without these problems life can be so full that it's easy to feel as if you've lost a sense of proportion. I know I've felt like this. When I look around I see people working hard and long, studying, caring for children, cleaning their home, food shopping and keeping their garden tidy. I hear people talk about having to go to medical appointments for themselves and take family members. Oh, and the washing machine broke down, the dog needs immunising, the car needs a service and the power bill has to be paid today. But here's the thing. Amidst all of that business we need to learn how to S L O W...our ... down. We need to take some time to just breath, to do nothing and to rest. It's so important to do things that sooth our soul. Get a massage, smile, laugh, give someone you love a hug, smell the ocean, read a 'trashy' novel, feel the grass under our feet or 'talk it out' with a friend or a counsellor. If we do some of these things then somehow from somewhere we get the energy to do just one more thing.

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