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Beating Lies With Music

If alcohol and other drugs have become a problem for you as a family member then it's important to know that they have lots of dirty tricks! For example, Telling Lies and Keeping Secrets are best friends with alcohol and other drugs. They just love to hang out together. But it's easy to forget, with the stress and worry of it all that when alcohol or other drugs become a problem for someone then they are under their power and control. In other words, alcohol and other drugs can make people say and do things they wouldn't normally say and do. It's also important to know that the dirty tricks of alcohol and other drugs can sneak up on us when we least expect it and in any order. For example, Dirty Trick No 2. Keeping Secrets can appear on the scene before Dirty Trick No 1. Telling Lies. But the order of dirty tricks doesn't really matter. What's important to know is that people under the power of these substances are usually unaware of how much they are changing. This is another dirty trick called 'Blinding' that I will talk about another time. So here's the thing. When Dirty Trick No 1. Telling Lies appears then the counter trick is 'not to buy into it'. Try your hardest not to get angry, or scream and yell or spend time trying to catch out the lie (easier said than done I know because I have had moments of madness when I did all of these things and later realised how unhelpful that behaviour was to me and others). Try your hardest to turn that lie into nothing. Flick it off like an annoying fly. Make some time and space to play your favourite music as loud as you like. And sing as loud as you can and who cares who hears you. And just for a moment in time have a rest from the lies and take away their power. And later, in a calmer moment in time then talk gently to the person you love about how worried you are about their behaviour and why. Mostly, look after yourself no matter what.

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