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Shame on Alcohol and Drugs

Shame is an awful feeling. It fills our body and mind and creates a situation where talking about things like alcohol and other drug problems is not allowed. And we usually stay silent due to shame. It's as if alcohol and drugs have aligned with shame and become best friends against us. Shame can stop us speaking out about drug and alcohol problems unless behind closed doors. "Keep it in the family " whispers Shame, "we can sort this out". Meanwhile Shame, alcohol and other drugs are dancing around having a great time together. They have lots of dirty tricks to keep us under their power and control. All I can say to this is "shame on Shame and alcohol and other drugs". Not shame on the person with an alcohol and drug problem who needs support and health care to change. And not shame on family members affected by alcohol and other drugs who need support and new skills to tackle shame, alcohol and other drugs. But shame on them and everyone who aligns with them. Shame is a feeling that can develop and grow if we let it. Reaching out for help and support definitely brings about change for the better. I know this because when I stopped hanging around with Shame and broke the silence then positive change happened for our family.

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