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My Sister Has a Mental Illness

Not many people know that my sister has a mental illness. Well actually, more people may know than I want to think about because sometimes she's quite unwell and we can't hide it. Not that we want to hide it. But we don't want everyone knowing everything about our family. It's our business. And people can be really unkind to people who have a mental illness. I notice when my sister gets unwell that my Dad works harder and longer. And my Mum gets really tired and stressed out. And so I try to stay quiet and keep out of the way so that they don't have to worry about me too. But I feel sad and lonely sometimes and I know my sister can't help being unwell. And I know my Mum and Dad love me very much. But sometimes I feel sad and lonely and even angry. I feel angry because I have some good things to share about what happened at school. And sometimes I want to talk about the bad stuff happening for me. But I stay quiet because there is enough hard stuff going on in the family.

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