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Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing

In this busy world we live in it can be easy to wait until we get into an unhealthy mental and physical health space that then requires lots of work, time, money and energy to turn around. Taking one step at a time we need to focus on prevention rather than cure. It shouldn't be surprising (but sometimes is) that taking care of our physical health makes us feel (and think) better. A health checkup can include a visit to the GP and booking a time with the dentist for a clean (before drilling is required). For women it can mean getting that regular pap smear and 'boob' check up. For men it might be getting their prostate checked out. And then there are those sugar levels, cholesterol and so it goes on... Taking one step at a time to address our physical health needs can help our physical and mental health and wellbeing. It can also help break the pattern of always focusing on the people we care about who are living with a mental health, alcohol and other drug problem - which is healthy in itself because we usually go way too far with that! Modelling best practice in terms of physical health and wellbeing can also encourage those around us to look after themselves. The two always go together.


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