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Disclose I'm a carer and a mental health professional?

I have considered for years whether I should self disclose that I am carer of adult children living with mental illness. Will I or won't I? What might happen if I do? Other health professionals have warned me against self disclosure with comments like 'it will negatively affect your career' or 'wait until you have finished [this or that]'. Some people have said 'you don't need to. It has nothing to do with others what happens in your personal life'. And for years I have stayed silent. More recently, this information about my role as a mother and sometimes a mental health carer of adult children (depending on how the recovery journey is going for them) has crept out or I have simply named it, wanting to shout it out. And the world did not end. But there are serious considerations around the question of whether or not to self disclose. It's a personal choice as to if, when, where and how we self disclose our role as a carer. The same goes for someone living with mental illness. And some people never go there - and that's OK too.

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