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Pets and Self Care

If you have a pet then you are one of the people that knows that pets love us unconditionally. They welcome us home as if we are the only person on earth and they usually enjoy a tummy rub or a tickle. When we are feeling a bit low they snuggle up to us and in the case of dogs the best thing in the world (apart from food) is a walk. My lovely beagle Lilee knows more about self-care than I do so I often take the lead from her even when I really don't want to. 'OK then, let's go for a walk' I say as she sits staring at me trying to distract me from my computer. She can sit for a very long time watching me and waiting for the moment when I close the computer lid. Pets can be the best in teaching us about self-care and joining us in activities that make us feel good. Thanks Lilee.

Lilee loves going to beach but doesn't like to get too wet.

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