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Looking Back

Who would've guessed 30 years ago I would be where I am today. I was a stay at home mother with my first two children, I hadn't worked over the years and wondered what I could for work as I was doing sales assistant jobs before my children were born and I wanted to upskill. When my third child was born she developed mental illness at an early age. I was in total denial at first and grieved over the coming months.for us both.Then I had a realization that I better learn as much as I could to support her and stop thinking about myself. I went to tafe to get a diploma in community work and studied for a counselling diploma.I have worked for various organisations in support work and gained a lot of gratification If my daughter had not suffered with mental illness I doubt I would of entered this field..I love my daughter very much and know she has shown me anything is possible.Although I can't mention a headache to her for fear of her anxiety going sky high I no longer grieve. She gave me a priceless gift and one I will always be grateful for.

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