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Living a healthy life is good for everyone

Hi Jessica

Thanks for sharing! Your comments prompted me to write the title above and reminded me of a few things. You got me thinking about how easy it is to feel sad and guilty and to slip into unhealthy habits of not caring for ourselves or living a good life - especially when we see someone we love feeling sad and not coping. Living a healthy life is something we all need to do because it is not just about us. It's about telling others that we care about ourselves - so they don't need to worry about us and can feel proud of us. When we live a healthy life we show other family members that it's important for them to care for themselves too. Modelling how to live a healthy life won't be exactly the same for everyone (what a boring place the world would be if we all did the same things). It's really just about showing others that's it's OK to feel happy and healthy and to have goals and plans for the future. It's quite normal to have ups and downs but if we try to live every day as best we can that has to be good for everyone.

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