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October 8, 2016



From drawing on my experience as a student social worker and a family carer, I am very interested in the perspectives of family carers and social workers and how I can help in ensuring their well-being is good.


I have witnessed difficult times in my family. At this present moment I am finding it hard to see someone I love not coping with life and that my life is completely opposite. Such as that I have the opportunity to complete my Honours in this particular area of interest. That I have the opportunity to network with other social workers that are thinking the same as I am. I have an awesome supportive boyfriend that will be there for me throughout my life. Everything is looking good, except the fact that someone I love can't cope with problems.


The main thing I find challenging is tackling my emotions. My emotions are up and down. I feel good about myself, but I feel depressed and upset seeing someone I love unhappy and not coping. Does it make me selfish that I put myself before others? That I focus on the positives and what I want to do with my life rather than the problems someone I love is facing with addiction and mental illness.




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