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Self-care is not selfish

Often family members affected by mental illness think that if they care for themselves they are being selfish. Mixing up self-care and selfish is common and can stop people doing things that keep them healthy and happy. They even get 'stuck' and don't know where to start. Looking after your own health and well-being is important so that you can keep caring for the people you love. So, if you've stopped caring for yourself it's time for change. Stop and think about what you would like to do. Something small to start with. Maybe cake and coffee at a coffee shop? A walk in a beautiful park? Or a catchup with a friend? Make a self care action plan (what will I do, when will I do it) and then make it happen. Self care is in your control. It may feel strange at first but give it a try and see how it feels (in my experience it feels lighter). Then add more things to your self care plan.

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