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Coronaviras (COVID-19) "Sending You a socially-distanced message."

Please take care of yourself at this time of unprecedented worldwide stress and worry as we all come to terms with the Coronaviras (COVID-19) illness. As scientists work towards a vaccine we can all take steps to prevent this illness from spreading. How?

  • Try to stay calm and listen carefully to the instructions of health authorities.

  • Wash you hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or, a hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

  • Avoid exposure to the virus - this means avoid close person-to-person contact (about arms length from each other, this means both people put one arm out towards each other and that shows you a socially distanced space).

  • Cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow or into a handkerchief or tissue if you cough or sneeze.

  • Throw away used tissues and regularly wash handkerchiefs.

  • Immediately wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

  • Stay home if you are sick, except to get medical advice. Call ahead to let your doctor know that you need an appointment and what your symptoms are.

  • If possible, wear a face mask if you are sick and you are around other people. If you are not sick you do not need to wear a mask.

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces daily including doornobs, keyboards, phones, desks, light switches, toilets, sinks.

  • Avoid unnecessary travel.

(Adapted from Queensland Health www.qld.gov.au and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020)

At Hunt Solutions we work in partnership with people seeking support to overcome problems. All services are provided in a professional, safe, confidential, supportive and non judgemental space. Services include:

Family Support & Therapy - with a focus on growing family resilience when families are seeking new skills and strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, depression and mental illness in the family.

Lived experience stories - valuing the experiences and expertise of individuals and families living with mental health, alcohol and other drug problems and, valuing professional knowledge and expertise.

Training - resilience building, mental illness stigma and discrimination, understanding families supporting people living with mental health, alcohol and other drugs, consumer and family participation in mental health services.

Clinical Supervision - for health professionals and the lived experience workforce.

Trauma Informed Care - domestic and family violence, childhood institutional abuse.

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