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Hanging on to Hope, Knowing Change is Possible

Personally and professionally I have known many people who have changed the way they live their lives. They have done this because they wanted to like themselves more or to improve their lives or because they wanted to have a better relationship with the people they cared about. I have seen people living with a mental health, alcohol and/or other drug problem make fantastic changes against great odds. I have seen men and woman of all ages and all walks of life strive to become stronger, better people. And I have learnt that although it takes time and lots of hard work and support from others, change is possible. So, in those moments of despair, worry or sadness, or when it's easy to think that the future looks bleak for someone you love who is living with a mental health, alcohol or other drug problem - seek to maintain an optimistic frame of mind and firmly believe that change is possible. And please try to be patient - because change takes time and there are lots of stops and starts along the way when people are trying to let go of unhelpful behaviours and become a different kind of person. Oh yes, and remember to get some support for yourself so that you can keep supporting the people you love. That's what I do :-)

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